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The Disturbing History Behind Steve Harvey’s “Asian Men” Jokes

The Disturbing History Behind Steve Harvey’s “Asian Men” Jokes

The television host could be the entertainer that is latest getting in warm water over racist punchlines whose origins could be traced all of the way to your mid-1800s.

The other day, Steve Harvey aired a portion on their eponymous syndicated talk show about obscure, absurdly specific advice mail order wife books. They were niche interest titles like Dating for less than a buck: 301 Tips and exactly how up to now a White girl: A Practical Guide for Asian guys.

The viewers laughed during the book that is latter expectation as Harvey took 15 moments to assemble himself. “That’s one page, ” he finally gasped. “’Excuse me personally, do you realy like Asian men? ’ ‘No. ’ ‘Thank you. ’”

The comedian then offered a sequel, Simple tips to Date a Black girl: A Practical Guide for Asian Men — “Same thing. ‘You like Asian males? ’ ‘I don’t also like Chinese meals. It don’t stick to you almost no time. We don’t consume the things I can’t pronounce. ’”

Harvey had been pleased at their skewering regarding the guide, doubling over at their very own punchlines.

Issue is, he didn’t actually find a way to hit any of the eminently mockable areas of the guide, from the predatory creepiness to its racist that is own profilingof white females). Rather, the butt of their laugh ended up being men that are asianall 2 billion of these), additionally the point for the laugh had been: the concept which they could possibly be appealing is hilarious.