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An archive One-in-Five Households Now Owe Education Loan Debt

An archive One-in-Five Households Now Owe Education Loan Debt

Burden Greatest on Younger, Bad

About one away from five (19%) of this nation’s households owed pupil financial obligation this season, significantly more than increase the share 2 full decades earlier in the day 1 and a substantial increase from the 15% that owed such financial obligation in 2007, right before the start of the Great Recession, based on a Pew Research Center analysis of newly available federal federal government information.

The Pew Research analysis additionally discovers that accurate documentation 40% of all of the households headed by somebody more youthful than age 35 owe such financial obligation, definitely the greatest share among all ages team.

In addition discovers that, whether computed as being a share of home earnings or assets, the general burden of education loan debt is best for households when you look at the bottom 5th associated with the earnings spectrum, despite the fact that people of such households are more unlikely compared to those various other groups to go to university into the place that is first. 2

Since 2007 the incidence of pupil financial obligation has grown in just about any demographic and financial category, since has got the size of that financial obligation.

The average outstanding student loan balance increased from $23,349 in 2007 to $26,682 in 2010 among households owing student debt.