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1321.19 Alteration or cancellation of permit.

1321.19 Alteration or cancellation of permit.

Parts 1321.01 to 1321.19, comprehensive, associated with the Revised Code can be modified, amended, or repealed to be able to impact a termination or alteration of every permit or right of a licensee, so long as such termination or alteration shall not impair or impact the obligation of any contract that is pre-existing any licensee and any borrower, nor the best associated with the licensee to gather principal, interest, and costs as set forth in said responsibility.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.

1321.20 yearly permit or certification of enrollment charge.

(A) everybody certified or registered under this chapter shall spend towards the superintendent of banking institutions, ahead of the final day’s June, a yearly permit or certification of registration fee. The superintendent shall figure out the license or certificate charges to be charged, pursuant to sections 1321.03 on or just around the fifteenth day’s April of every 12 months 1321.05, and 1321.73 regarding the Revised Code. Such dedication shall be produced by dividing the appropriation for the customer finance part of the unit of banking institutions when it comes to present year that is fiscal the amount of licenses and certificates released as regarding the date associated with computation. In no occasion shall the total amount of the fee exceed 3 hundred bucks, except that the most cost which can be charged insurance coverage premium boat finance companies licensed under part 1321.73 for the Revised Code shall maybe not surpass three hundred seventy-five bucks.